The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game Costumes


The Amazing Spider-Man video game arrives in stores in June including a ton of unlockable Spider-Man costumes that can be acquired by exploring the open-world Manhattan. Here are some of the suits the developer has included in the game:

The Negative Zone Spiderman Suit

The Negative Zone Spiderman Suit: Spider-Man’s costume turned into this silver-and-black version when he entered the Negative Zone. It allowed him to merge with shadows and become practically invisible in the comics, but don’t expect those extra abilities here.


The Black Spiderman Suit from Spider-Man 3: In the third Spider-Man film from director Sam Raimi, the black symbiote attached itself to Peter’s costume, giving it this sleek black look. Though most fans would like to erase the film from their memory, the black symbiote suit can be used once it is unlocked.

The Big Time Suit

The Big Time Suit: Dan Slott and Humbertos Ramos introduced this neon-green costume for the webslinger during their massive overarching arc, “Big Time”.

The Belt-less Spider Man Morph Suit

The Belt-less Spider Man Morph Suit: In Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man movie, Peter Parker dons a Spider-Man costume without a belt, giving him a long and slender appearance. As the game takes place after the events of the film, Beenox gave the webslinger a belt to keep with the realistic theme. Where else would he store his new gadgets? The inclusion of this costume skin allows players to drop the belt.


The Party Hat… Suit: Yea, don’t ask.

The Vigilante Suit

The Vigilante Suit: Before he dons the Spider-Man costume in the film, Peter Parker wanders Manhattan in this “vigilante” outfit. This specific skin is exclusive to PS3.


The Scarlet Spider man Suit (Kaine): When Peter’s clone, Kaine, returns after the “Grim Hunt” storyline in the comics, he dons the identity of the Scarlet Spider and wears this awesome red and black costume. It can be seen in the pages of Chris Yost’s Scarlet Spider.


The Spider-Morphosis: In The Amazing Spider-Man #437, Spider-Man attempts to rescue the mutant Synch from Plantman, only to be sprayed in the face by mutagenic flowers. Spider-Man’s body was transformed into a humanoid spider, his costume shredded, his hands changed into claws, his face into a spider-like visage, with eight tiny eyes and large fangs and other “gross and humiliating changes”.

Future Foundation Spider-Man Suit

The Future Foundation Suit (Inverted): In the comics, Spider-Man joins Reed Richards’ Future Foundation after Johnny Storm’s apparent death. The team change their costumes from the blue to a new sleek black and white look as the FF. During stealth missions, they went with an inverted version of their costumes, this being Spider-Man’s.


The New Amazing Spider-Man Suit


The new “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” suit was revealed in Feb, 2013, and the movie is due out on May 2, 2014.

Andrew Garfield’s in his new Spiderman suit looks great. The costume features much bigger white colored eyes, which get definitely new eye shape comparing to the first amazing spiderman suit, and gnarly web shooters throughout. Spider-Man looks as cool as ever.

There are many comments said that this new amazing Spiderman suit is as close as any of the Spider-Man movies have come to matching the character’s design in the comics. What do you think of the new Spiderman suit?

See casting here:

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” stars Andrew Garfield, Shailene Woodley, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Colm Feore, Felicity Jones, Paul Giamatti and Sally Field. Andrew Garfield is playing Peter Parker (of course, he is the cutest spiderman), Woodley is Mary Jane Watson, Emma is Gwen, Foxx is Electro, and DeHaan is Harry Osborn.

The Origin of the Black Spiderman Suit

The Symbiote Costume, also known as the Black Suit, is one of the most significant alterations to Spider-Man’s costume. It first appears in The Amazing Spider-Man #252 and Marvel Team-up #141, released concurrently in May 1984. The black costume stemmed from an idea submitted by a then 22-year-old fan named Randy Schueller in 1982, after Marvel had asked its readers for ideas for new Spider-Man stories. “I was thinking, ‘This is a guy who is swinging around at night wearing a bright red-and-blue costume.’ That’s where the black suit came from.” Schueller’s idea was purchased by Jim Shooter for the sum of $220. Shooter also asked Schueller’s help in possibly writing a script for Spider-Man’s new look.

Here’s the copy of the letter Randy received from Shooter almost 25 years ago, in August of 1982.

Symbiote Spider Costume

The History of Spider-Man’s Black Costume

Symbiote Spider Costume

The Black Spiderman Costume was born in Secret Wars #8. Spidey wants to replace his much-torn costume but chooses the wrong costume machine, which released black blob covered his body and then transformed into the black costume.
Spidey discovers that the costume has the power to generate webbing, and returns to earth with his black spiderman suit in Amazing #252. He also discovers that it also has the power to change to appear as normal street clothing. However in the following few issues, the costume starts behaving quite strangely. In Spectacular Spider-Man #99, Felicia gives Peter a set of five cloth Black Costumes, and he wears the first one in Amazing #263. For the next couple of years, he alternates between the red and blue spiderman costumes, and the black spiderman outfit. Different writers had their own preferences, and often he used the black at night, and the red and blues during the day. During a battle with the villain Magma Spidey’s last remaining red-and-blue costume was destroyed. At that point Peter decided to forego the red-and-blue and wear only the black costume form now on. But Mary-Jane pointed out that the Black costume reminded her of Venom Black costume, and insisting that Peter no longer wear it, that was the last time Peter wore it regularly. However, Peter did put on the black costume for a few special occasions after that. The reason mostly being that it makes him harder to see at night.

Spiderman Black Suits VS Venom Suit

The black Spiderman costume has a large white spider on the chest and back and white organic web-shooters on the backs of the hands. A variation on the black costume is featured in the film Spider-Man 3. The Spiderman 3 black suit includes the webbing pattern from Spider-Man’s red and blue costume with a black coloring and a slightly altered spider symbol, both on his chest and back. The same costume is also worn by Venom, with the added details of Venom’s signature teeth, a more muscular appearance and a spider on his chest that closer resembles the comic book version’s spider emblem.

Symbiote Spider Costume VENOM

Symbiote Spider Costume

Symbiote Spider Costume

First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #252, Secret Wars #8
In the Marvel Secret Wars series, Spider-Man’s costume was torn during battle and he was sent to a machine that would repair it. Unknown to Spider-Man, the machine was actually a prison that contained an alien symbiote, which copied Spider-Man’s thoughts about the costume worn by Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), and created a duplicate of it.
During and after the Secret War, Spider-Man learned that the costume could respond to his thoughts, change its shape, and create a seemingly unlimited amount of organic webbing. However, after wearing the suit for some time, he began to feel unusually tired and consulted his friend, Mr. Fantastic. Mr. Fantastic said that the suit was actually an alien creature and that it was taking him web-swinging every night while he slept. Spider-Man then had Mr. Fantastic remove the costume using a sound wave generator, as its only weaknesses are loud sound waves and intense heat, and locked it in a protective case. The suit eventually escaped and hung itself in Peter’s closet, disguised as one of his red and blue costumes. Unfortunately, Peter grabbed the symbiote and it reattached itself to him, which forced Spider-Man to use the bells of the Our Ladies of Saints church to remove the suit. Many issues later, the suit secretly found and bonded to Eddie Brock, who became Venom.

The Amazing Alternative Spider-Man-1

Skrull Spider-Man

Skrull Spider-Man

Secret Invasion, Marvel’s huge crossover comic event from 2008, featured a wide-spread invasion of Earth by the shape-shifting Skrulls. Every Marvel character came under close scrutiny as many heroes were discovered to be dupes. Despite not being a major player in Secret Invasion, Skrull Spider-Man is included in this list for the awesome cover image above alone.